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The Agile, Adaptable, Advanced Alternative.

Most security companies, large or small, operate in much the same way. A single, monolithic organization establishes practices, defines the parameters of engagement, sets the standards for its operations and performance – and too often, stops there. At Enterra, we operate differently.

Our extensive experience has shown us that the security landscape is constantly changing. New challenges and threats are constantly arising. To succeed, we must continually adapt to this changing world—and more to the point, we have to stay six steps ahead of it.

Of course, it’s our job to provide you with outstanding service. But the way we see it, that’s only part of our responsibility. It’s also our job to grow, learn, evolve, and adapt. We work to meet the challenges you face today – and proactively envision those you’ll face tomorrow, and develop the means to meet them head on.

We start by taking the time to thoroughly understand your business or organization, inside and out – operationally, materially, philosophically. Knowing who you are helps us to understand what you really need, what challenges you face, what vulnerabilities you’re exposed to. Then, we leverage the best people, information, and resources available to develop scalable, adaptable solutions designed to meet your changing needs and the evolving threat landscape so we can always deliver the right service at the right time—and meet those challenges head on.

Our proactive, consultative approach means that your senior management is continually informed, continually engaged, and fully involved in ensuring the safety and security of your organization. Sure, we provide the technology, tools, and boots on the ground — but we also provide the vision to put them all to the most efficient, best possible use.