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Enterra. Six Moves Ahead. Always.

Ours is a dangerous world. Threats to life, threats to health, threats to safety, threats to property, threats to data – it’s a world with more than its rightful share of risk. Individuals, institutions and businesses all face a mounting level of menace imposed by a broadening range of enemies.

Who? Potentially anyone, anywhere, anytime. Streetcorner criminals, basement hackers, corporate spies, organized crime, offshore data thieves, disgruntled employees, terrorists – all pose varying levels of hazard. All must be guarded against. All must be stopped – before they have the opportunity to cause harm.

That’s why we’ve created Enterra. To create your safety zone. To identify and mitigate risks. To neutralize threats. To prevent incidents in their tracks – before harm is caused. To be ready and able to protect your people, your infrastructure, your enterprise, whenever and wherever needed. To create the impenetrable line of defense standing between you and the dangerous world you live in.

Enterra helps companies, organizations, government entities and high-profile individuals do what it takes to protect themselves, understand the threat landscape surrounding them, and gain the information and intelligence they need – not just to survive, but to operate at peak performance.

Your needs are unique. You need a company that understands that – and delivers the right solution for your unique situation. Enterra comes through. Always.

Here’s some of what we can do.

  • Asset and Facility Protection
  • Environment of Care Review
  • Litigation and Enforcement Support
  • Corporate Intelligence