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Other Services

The business and technology landscapes are changing – and so are the security needs associated with them. Enterra’s proactive approach is oriented towards anticipating emergent client needs and providing specialized security and consulting services tailored to meet them. The Enterra team includes white-collar crime investigators, forensic accountants, intelligence analysts, computer forensics specialists and data security professionals, all united in their commitment to providing responsive, scalable, client-centered specialty services keyed directly to your needs.

Business Security Services

Enterra provides a full range of specialized business ssecurity services, including emergency management, business continuity consultation, executive protection, security systems engineering, risk management, crisis and emergency management.


Consulting and Assessment

Enterra provides comprehensive consulting and assessment services to assist businesses in assessing existing security programs, identifying security gaps/areas of vulnerability, screening employees, security training, conducting due diligence, and executing forensic accounting.


Pre-Incident Services

Enterra conducts security surveys, travel safety seminars, crisis simulation exercises, policy and procedure testing and review, vulnerability assessment and security strategy development.


Incident Response Services

Enterra provides on-site incident management teams who remain with the client through final resolution of incidents, expediting the rapid return to “business as usual.”


Technology Services

Enterra assists attorneys and litigators with the gathering and filtration of electronic documents for use in legal proceedings, regulatory matters and investigations, as well as recovering, restoring, and protecting lost or compromised electronic data. Enterra investigates technology failures, data tampering incidents, “hacks”/electronic espionage, and data theft.