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Litigation and Enforcement Support

Our nation’s law enforcement apparatus and judicial system are stretched to their limits. When it comes to clamping down on wrongdoing, successfully prosecuting criminals, or advancing the cause of justice in civil litigation, public sector institutions can only do so much. That’s where Enterra comes in.

As a company comprised of outstanding law enforcement veterans, Enterra boasts a team whose outstanding success in investigating complex fraud, forgery, intellectual property theft, piracy and financial irregularity cases matches the highest standards of law enforcement. What’s more, our ability to focus singlemindedly on your company’s specific needs lets us put our full efforts into ensuring that your case receives the attention – and the results – that it deserves.

Our extensive national network and close working relationships within both the law enforcement and legal community enable us to dramatically strengthen legal cases, advance prosecution of wrongdoing, and put an end to victimization. We’re the strong, effective, capable ally you need to navigate complex bureaucracies, to ensure that your voice is heard, to ensure that justice is done.