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The Right Tools To Do The Job.

Technology makes the work we do faster, more efficient, and effective. It also makes our world infinitely more complex. And when technology is an integral element in an investigation, in an intelligence-gathering operation, in a security system or in a possible crime, it takes knowledge, aptitude, and expertise to provide the strategic insight, analytical capability, and active response to make sure that technology works for you rather than against you.

Enterra understands technology. Our senior staff have been deeply immersed in some of America’s highest profile high-tech crimes and investigations, including intellectual property theft, media piracy, hacks/cyberattacks, digital sabotage and more. We’ve been integrally involved in establishing robust digital security regimens for everything from communications and payment systems to national defense installations. We’ve leveraged advanced technological tools to conduct computer forensics, support surveillance and monitoring, fend off cyberattacks and more. We knew long ago that modern security extends far beyond the physical landscape into the digital realm – and that without effective digital deterrance and defense, no organization can consider itself safe.


Enterra Tools

When properly understood and applied, the right technological tools can be invaluable; when poorly understood, improperly applied, or used ineffectively, they can be hopelessly ineffective – or even create new security issues in their own right.

Enterra works solely with tested, proven solution providers in all aspects of the work we do – leading consultants, hardware providers and application developers who can be counted on to deliver effective, purpose-suited solutions. These include: