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It’s What We Know

Experience generates knowledge. In Enterra’s case, it’s the powerful, practical institutional and individual knowledge that enables us to be extraordinarily efficient and effective. It’s knowledge that’s hard-won on the frontlines of law enforcement and in tackling some of the corporate world’s most complex, intricate security challenges.

The real-world education that experience affords is probably the most important kind needed to deliver exceptional security services – but it’s not the only kind. Enterra personnel are also some of the most highly trained and thoroughly vetted professionals working in the field today. Specialized training, key certifications, postgraduate education, full licensure, unimpeachable personal integrity, and a fully-vetted background are just some of what it takes to be a member of our core team.

Enterra understands that the critical needs of our clients demand the highest level of capability on the part of our staff and our organization. Their strongest defense is what we know, what we can do, and what we prepare for. That’s why we place a priority on advanced education and specialized training. The more we know, the stronger we are; the stronger we are, the stronger you are. It’s that simple.

Enterra personnel’s qualifications include:

  • The teams of partners comprising the ENTERRA team have well over 250 years of investigating the more than 400 violations of federal law.
  • Their experiences have been gained at the Special Agent, local and State Police, Supervisory, Mid-level, and Executive Management levels.
  • They have participated in thousands of investigative matters to include: Healthcare Fraud; Violent, Property, and White Collar Crime cases; arrests; special operations; undercover; SWAT; Foreign and Counterintelligence; Countert errorism; Cybercrime; and International and Domestic Terrorism.
  • The results of their efforts has resulted in thousands of arrests, monetary seizures in the hundreds of millions of dollars, asset forfeitures in the hundreds of millions of dollars, hundreds of kidnappings solved and thwarted, recovery of assets in the millions of dollars, and potential economic losses prevented totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Their years of service span every continent.
  • Military service experience totals well over 70 years as well.
  • Healthcare team is comprised of former CMS and Joint Commission Life Safety Code specialists, master fire inspectors, Certified Healthcare Constructors, and emergency preparedness experienced professionals to name a few.