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It’s Who We Know.

Enterra is a security company, founded and operated by some of the most capable and experienced professionals working today – but it’s a lot more than that.

Enterra is a nationwide network of specialists spanning a broad range of related disciplines, ready and able to serve you as needed. We’ve identified and developed strong working relationships with a vast web of trusted, proven partners who can be called upon at any time to provide specialized assistance, material reinforcement, strategic support – whatever it takes to deliver the results you need.

Primarily drawn from the senior ranks of local, state, and federal law enforcement, Enterra professionals offer a pivotal advantage other companies can’t match: their decades-long web of working relationships with others in the field from coast to coast and beyond. Enterra people have tackled some of the most challenging security, counterterrorism, investigative, and enforcement challenges in the world today, working as members of the nation’s most practiced, elite law enforcement bodies – and they’ve done it by working together. To Enterra, it’s second nature to call upon experts in our network to provide specialized assistance keyed to client needs – and to cast as broad and wide a web as needed to see that a job’s done right.

Working together, we comprise an agile, effective, interconnected team united by a single shared objective: Your organization’s well-being. When you work with Enterra, you’re not just working with a security company – you’re working with a highly-developed, high-functioning professional network that puts your needs first.