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Advantage: Experience.

Enterra is an alliance of some of the world’s most highly trained, experienced security professionals, drawn from a broad range of disciplines—and united in their commitment to delivering proactive, comprehensive security services that identify and eliminate virtually all areas of potential vulnerability. Enterra professionals have the knowledge, tools and experience it takes to manage the toughest security challenges, efficiently, effectively and economically.

These are confident words – and they are backed up by facts. Founded by a four-decade federal law enforcement veteran whose experience and remit include some of America’s most critical and complex security challenges, Enterra is a company grounded not just in textbook principles, but hard-won first hand knowledge – and designed to excel in its mission of strategizing, designing, and implementing security programs that optimize the safety of the people and organizations under its charge.

Enterra’s leadership team is comprised strictly of proven professionals with exhaustive generalized and specialized experience in their disciplines. More importantly, the Enterra core team boasts a track record of proven success in handling some of America’s most challenging security and public safety challenges —from management of the incredibly complex challenges facing multinational corporations to safeguarding America’s intercontinental ballistic missile systems.

In all instances, Enterra’s leaders have delivered. Theirs is a track record of success that many can envy – and virtually none can match. When it comes to vision, talent, and proven ability, Enterra has what it takes to excel – every time. See for yourself.

William Don Tisaby
William Don TisabyCEO

William Tisaby is a 42 year law enforcement and government service veteran with over 20 years of service at the Federal Bureau of Investigation. His extensive experience includes counterterrorism, threat assessments, strategic intelligence, undercover operations, major theft, fraud, site risk assessments and narcotics investigations. He has served as a Program Manager for every major criminal program in the FBI, notably International and Counter-Terrorism, White Collar Crime, Narcotics, and Personal and Property Crimes.

Working in the private sector, Tisaby has spearheaded various security and risk management initiatives at leading corporations, working both as an employee and as an independent advisor and consultant. In these capacities, he has served a broad array of industries, notably in the medical/health care, legal, manufacturing, automotive, energy, import/export and automotive fields as well as consultative services to state and local law enforcement and governmental entities.

As a member of the United States Air Force, Tisaby distinguished himself as Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander for the Minuteman Intercontinental Ballistic Missile System. In this capacity, he was charged with maintaining the safety and security of missile emplacements; in the course of his duties, he gained certification as a Missile Site and Missile Facilities Site Security Officer. His reorganization plan for the 351st Strategic Missile Wing’s Security Police Group improved the span of control and effectiveness of managers within the group and was later adopted throughout the Air force.

Tisaby holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Criminology, as well as multiple certifications related to his work with the FBI, the FEMA Emergency Management Institute, the TSA, the DHS, ASIS International, and corporate work.

  • Wrote and validated FBI self-inspection program
  • Established first Joint Terrorism Task Force in Texas
  • Led investigation and arrest of multiple individuals involved in a multi-state domestic terrorism incident
  • Developed National Drug Intelligence Center
  • Revamped DEA Kingpin Investigative Strategy
  • Identified and dismantled domestic terror groups, preventing attack on Ft. Hood, Texas
Henry W. Glaspie
Henry W. GlaspieSenior Governmental Affairs Consultant

As an independent investigator and security consultant, Henry W. Glaspie brings over 24 years’ experience as an FBI Special Agent to bear on behalf corporate and governmental clients. His extensive experience and specialty training enable him to provide expert guidance across a range of disciplines, including investigations, security guard agency management, risk mitigation and assessment, digital surveillance technology, critical infrastructure protection, digital asset management, public safety technology and access control systems.

In addition to his service with the FBI, Glaspie has served in senior consultative, security and training positions at leading market communications and legal consulting firms, as well as at the helm of his own companies.

Glaspie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies, and maintains a number of professional licenses, certifications, and training, including:

  • Private Investigator’s License in the State of Michigan
  • Police Training Instructor
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Relief Supervisory Experience
  • Media Relations
  • EEO & Ethics Cultural Diversity Training
  • Executive Protection Detail Training
  • Applicant Matters & Recruiting
  • Informant and Intelligence Development
  • National Legal Aid and Defense Association training
Rolando Moss
Rolando MossPartner/Senior Asset Protection Consultant

Rolando Moss has worked within the domestic and international security arena for more than thirty years and is also an American military veteran. He majored in Sociology with emphasis in Economics from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. He began his career in law enforcement working with the Columbus, Ohio police department, where he collaborated closely with local, state and federal law enforcement officials in conducting criminal investigations and in apprehending felony offenders. He was awarded the Silver Cross Medal by the department in 1984.

Rolando was a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation between 1985 and 2000. In this role, he conducted wide-ranging investigations for the Bureau covering foreign counter intelligence, civil-rights, wire fraud, mail fraud and property theft. He also acted as a liaison between local, national and international media regarding major FBI investigations, as well as coordinated the FBI’s interaction with college and professional sports teams. Rolando was a member of the FBI Houston/Texas Regional Special Weapons and Tactical Team. He also instructed newly recruited FBI agents at training classes in Quantico Virginia.

Since 2006, Rolando has been the President of a private security firm which he founded called Eagle I Security (EIS). EIS is based near Houston, Texas. EIS offers professional vulnerability assessment and security risk management services to a variety of domestic and international entities in the oil & gas, utility, aviation,maritime transportation and port facility sectors. EIS supports its clients with investigation services, asset protection, infrastructure security equipment installation & integration, business integrity and risk assessments, and ensures client compliance with Homeland Security and all other applicable external and internal regulations.

Timothy McNally
Timothy McNallyPartner/ Senior Executive Consultant

Timothy McNally’s more than four decades of professional experience include service in the military, federal law enforcement, as an attorney, and as a private security consultant focused upon corporate due diligence, compliance, fraud, employment screening, business intelligence and risk assessments. McNally currently works between Los Angeles, California and Hong Kong, China, where he also serves as Chairman of Nagacorp, a publicly-listed corporation.

Until 2005, McNally served as Executive Director of Security and Corporate Legal Services for a major Hong Kong gaming concern. In his earlier career of 24 years with the FBI, McNally held a succession of leadership positions, including Assistant Director In Charge, Los Angeles Field Division; Special Agent In Charge, Baltimore Field Division; Special Agent In Charge, Criminal Division, Washington DC Field Office; Inspector; Supervisor/Assistant Agent In Charge, Miami Field Division; Office of Congressional Affairs and Organized Crime Section; and Special Agent – Investigator.

McNally holds both Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor degrees, and is a member of several professional organizations including the International Security Management Association, The Society of Former Special Agents – FBI, the Asian Society of Southern California, the Foreign Correspondent Club of Hong Kong, and the National Executive Institute.

John Morris
John MorrisSenior Security Consultant

A former Captain in the U.S. Army and former FBI Special Agent/Supervisory Special Agent for 22 years, John Morris boasts an extensive and diverse career in investigation and law enforcement, much of it at the helm of his own successful agency. Morris joined the FBI subsequent to service in Vietnam, having gained degrees from both Wayne State and John Carroll universities. His FBI career was spent in the agency’s Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, New York City, and Washington D.C. offices, wherein he conducted investigations involving violent crime, organized crime, public corruption, terrorism, and foreign counterintelligence, as well as serving as a counselor and instructor for police officers and FBI agents.

In his private sector career, Morris has provided extensive investigative, consultative, and security consulting services to leading legal firms and other businesses. In the course of dedicated service to Waste Management, Inc., Morris spearheaded investigations concerning workplace violence, Workers’ Compensation Fraud, and theft.

For seventeen years, Morris also provided the national Professional Golfer’s Association (PGA) Tour with on-site security consulting services to ensure adherence with the PGA Tour security program, liaise with local law enforcement, and provide personal security to high-profile athletes including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Greg Norman, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth and others as needed.

Steve Taylor, Sr.
Steve Taylor, Sr.Partner / Senior Security Technology Consultant

Twenty-Seven years experience as Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation with the last ten years serving as Supervisory Special Agent. Strengths include leadership, management, and technical operations. Demonstrated success in managing physical security program in protection of international detachments, success in managing construction security of highly sensitive Terrorism Threat Center, success in managing deployment and application of highly sensitive, complex Technical equipment in support of Criminal and Terrorism investigations.

Donovan Leighton
Donovan LeightonSenior Law Enforcement Affairs Consultant

Donovan J. Leighton is an invaluable asset to any organization with intelligence, law enforcement, counterterrorism, international operations, or post-conflict international law enforcement development responsibilities. His singular experience ranges from combating Al-Qa’ida in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia and standing up a national police force in Panama in the immediate aftermath of Operation Just Cause to law enforcement in the streets of Los Angeles confronting violent felons, drug traffickers, and street gangs and Berkeley and Oakland during peak periods of civil unrest.