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Corporate Intelligence

What do you need to know? Enterra can help your company get the information you need – quickly and effectively. Our seasoned investigators act as your eyes and ears, gathering the corporate intelligence you need to safeguard your business, maintain your competitive position, ward off unfair competition, and discourage business sabotage.

When you work with Enterra, you have the full strength of some of America’s leading investigative professionals on your side. And having worked internally with leading Fortune 500 firms, we have another advantage the other guys can’t offer: a genuine business mindset.

Enterra understands the needs of businesses – and the threats they face. We know it’s not just about getting information – it’s about getting the right information, analyzing it, and transforming it into actionable, usable hard data that ensures sound executive decisionmaking. Contemplating a merger or joint venture? Fending off a hostile takeover? Concerned about intellectual property theft, the loss of trade secrets, or patent/copyright infringement? Enterra’s detail-obsessed approach is designed to ensure that you get all the info you need to know – and that you get a complete understanding of the threats or opportunities you’re facing.