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Healthcare Security

The healthcare arena is subject to special security needs – and it’s an area where Enterra shines. Our exhaustive experience in healthcare environments and thorough understanding of rules, regulations, and best practices specific to the healthcare industry make us able to provide unparalleled service to hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, labs, and other medical facilities.

Enterra knows that healthcare security isn’t just security – it’s about maintaining an efficient, compliant Environment Of Care optimized to facilitate outstanding patient service. Our team members have worked with some of the nation’s leading hospitals, conducting thorough Environment Of Care assessments and implementing security programs that maximize compliance and efficiency while minimizing cost. It’s a significant challenge in an era of increasing regulation, but one we have met, time and again.

Enterra’s leadership team has over 30 years of healthcare security leadership experience, having developed pioneering programs for institutions such as Children’s Hospital of Boston – but we’ve excelled in an enforcement capacity too. In fact, Enterra’s CEO led one of the nation’s largest ever undercover fraud programs for the FBI, resulting in the arrest and successful prosecution of a wide-ranging band of criminals responsible for tens of millions of dollars in annual losses.

That’s knowledge and experience you can’t get anywhere else – and it’s knowledge and experience you need.