Couple counseling is seen as a last resort for couples close to divorce. The question is, should you submit to counseling when problems first appear?

It is recommended to catch the small problems early to prevent the bigger ones later. Couples even go to pre-marriage counseling so why be afraid of it?

It seems to be an age thing, partners who are married 25- 35 years ago are not likely to go to counseling because was not common then. This means that back then those marriage have a greater chance of ending in divorce. Some younger people in marriage are more likely to submit themselves in counseling.

Sometimes cultural preferences prohibit someone to go to counseling and feels shame in submitting to one. A good online resource for marriage counseling is MC, check the website.

If you really feel that your relationship will benefit from counseling, do something about it and bring it up to your spouse. Open it up to your partner in a way that it may not sound that you have a problem. It is better to ask your partner to go and submit to counseling if it seems that you think there is a problem you need to work on. Explain further that you feel that you need help to be a better spouse so that you can have a great relationship that can withstood time.

Once you have submitted yourself for counseling, you and your partner will know different techniques to make the relationship stronger and more effective between the both of you and will make the relationship last longer. Even in the event that your partner will refuse to join, you can still go by yourself.

The truth is, most of us need a plenty of work for ourselves. Don’t put all the emphasis on your spouse’s shortcomings. If your partner sees some improvement in you he will be likely to join you as well in the counseling session.